POINT's Mega
Bounty Campaign

Don't miss the most important launch in Web 3.0
amid the bear market noise

What is Point Network?

Point Network is the newest framework that is taking over Web3: decentralized browser + decentralized domains + decentralized storage + decentralized identities.

It’s the only “real web3” at the moment, which is not relying on any web2 components, making it impossible to shut it down, censor, or compromise via centralized components.

What is This Bounty Campaign?

It’s a chance for you to:
  • participate in the historical early days of Point
  • help web3 achieve a critical mass of early adopters
  • and earn POINT (the token that will power our web3 network and will launch soon) while doing it

What Should I do to Participate?

After you sign up, there are several "quests" that will be unlocked:
  1. Talk about Point Network on social media and share the referral link you will generate
    For each person that downloads Point Browser and registers a web3 handle you will receive:
    +15 POINT per 1 user registered with Twitter verification
    +1.5 POINT per 1 user registered without Twitter verification
  2. Just sharing the link on Twitter, gets you:
    If you have ? followers
    + POINTs

  3. More participation = more rewards, more sophisticated quests coming soon!
    For example, you can earn POINTs for posting content on Point Social
    Find more details after registration